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René Arnoux, posing with Carlos

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René Arnoux, while posing, hides the Porsche-badge on my friend Wilfried's shirt…

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Rene Arnoux is perhaps the most loved of all the Renault drivers at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and this year’s event marks the Frenchman’s sixth visit to the annual motorsport classic. At the wheel of an ex-Alain Prost Renault RE30B Formula One car this weekend, 55-year-old Arnoux is delighted to once again be a major player in what he describes as the ‘very best’ event of its kind anywhere in the world. “This is the sixth year I’ve been here at Goodwood and every year I have such an amazing time – it just gets better and better and it’s an event I never want to miss”, commented Arnoux. “The organisation of the whole event is marvellous and it’s so good the way the fans are able to see so much more of the cars and drivers than they would at any normal motor racing event. Goodwood is unrivalled in giving people such good access to the cars and the fans also love to meet all the old drivers to get autographs – this event is wonderful and something I really love to be a part of.” Having won the French Formula Renault Championship in 1973 and 1975, Arnoux went on to win the FIA European Formula 2 Championship in 1977. His Formula One debut came in 1978 but in 1979 his career really began to take off as a driver for the Renault F1 Team. During that year Arnoux, along with Ferrari’s Gilles Villeneuve, provided Formula One with what is still considered to this day to be the most amazing piece of racing in the World Championship’s history. The two cars famously banged wheels on several occasions during the closing laps of the 1979 French Grand Prix - which was, of course, won by Renault's Jean-Pierre Jabouille - and with no quarter given by either driver they ensured an instant place in the F1 history books. Arnoux went on to take four GP victories with Renault. Arnoux continued: “The public come to Goodwood with memorabilia and programmes from events such as the ’79 French Grand Prix and also things from when I raced in Formula 2 which is unbelievable! The old photos and books they bring are amazing and these fans really help make this such a special festival. “I’m very excited about driving the RE30B this weekend as it was the same type of car I won races in at Paul Ricard and Monza in 1982. When I got in the car for the first time this morning it was unbelievable – the car felt superb, even down to the seat which fitted me perfectly. I feel as though I could go and race a Grand Prix again in this car! “The RE30B is now owned by the Rothschild family and they’ve done a wonderful job in making sure the car is in great condition. I’m very happy to be driving it here this weekend and I hope the fans enjoy seeing such a well prepared car.”