Harald Ertl_1

Harald Ertl,  posing with Carlos Ghys and his wife Marie-Jeanne.

Harald Ertl (31 August, 1948 - 7 April, 1982), born in Zell am See, Austria.
He was also a motorsport journalist and amateur racer who managed to squeeze enough money to get a Formula One drive, debuting on August 3, 1975. He participated in 28 grands prix all without scoring a single championship points. He was known in the track for his Inspector Clouseau-style mustache in addition to a beard which he managed to squeeze into his helmet.
In 1976, he was one of the four driver who corageously pulled Niki Lauda out of his burning Ferrari during the, infamous 1976 German Grand Prix.
On 7 April, 1982 he was killed in a light aircraft accident in Giessen, Germany whilst flying his family to their holiday home in northern Germany, however his wife and son survived.