Dan Gurney_1

Dan Gurney, posing with Carlos and his brother Luc.

Dan Gurney_4

Dan Gurney, posing with Luc and his friend Wilfried Geerts.

Dan Gurney_3

Dan Gurney and Paul Frère signing autographs for their fans.

Dan Gurney_6

Dan Gurney explains to my brother Luc how it was, driving at the old Spa circuit.

Dan Gurney_5

Dan Gurney, warming up his F1 Eagle-Weslake for a couple of laps on a wet track.
Carlos is enjoying the sound of the 12 cylinder…

Dan Gurney_15

Dan Gurney_16

Dan Gurney_17

autograph Dan Gurney_1

Cover of an 1968 Belgian Grand Prix program, depicting Dan Gurney sweeping through the fast Masta kink at Spa during his victorious race the year before.
Signed by the artist Michael Turner, Dan Gurney, Jochen Rindt, Pedro Rodriguez, Bruce McLaren, Lucien Bianchi and Jean-Pierre Beltoise.