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Carlos, together with Walter Näher, Mr Vincent Gaye (left), owner of Porsche 917-021 and good friend Jacques Breuer (right).

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Carlos, together with Mr and Mrs Gaye (right), have a conversation about Porsche 917-021´s history with former Porsche engineer Walter Näher.

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When the Porsche 917 was launched in 1969, the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer had dominated the race for the world manufacturer’s championship and the CanAm race series for years. Developed under the leadership of Ferdinand Piëch, the 917 was one of the most successful race cars of all time.
The 40th birthday of the legendary race car was a good enough reason for the Porsche-Museum to publish a comprehensive chronicle of the whole 917 project. Under the title “Porsche 917 - Archiv und Werkverzeichnis 1968 – 1975”, the former Porsche race engineer Walter Näher has produced a work that runs to 576 pages and leaves no question unanswered.
After racing at Le Mans 19 times for the Zuffenhausen factory, the author has an unique wealth of expertise that is reflected in every page of the book, the product of many years of research.
For the first time, the author had access to all the documents and photos held in the Porsche factory archive. This book describes the history of the creation and development of the Porsche 917 in great detail from the factory point of view, supported with documentary evidence.

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