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Jörg Obermoser posing with Carlos GHYS

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1971 sees Jörg Obermoser debuting in the German Formula 3 Championship driving a BMW engined Brabham BT35. Still an "Ausweisfahrer" he comes 2nd in the Mendig Airport race. The season's final in Hockenheim is his first win.
1972: Driving an Ford Escort in the smaller touring car category he finished 4th in total of the Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft.
1973: Again in an Escort in the DRM. This time only 14th in the final classification. In this year he starts drivin 2 litre sports cars. His mount is a GRD-BMW S73, in which he finishes 5th in the Österreichring round of the 2000cc European Championship. Another outing in Croix-en-Ternois sees him finishing 4th in the same car. In the 300 KM Nürburgring, valid for Interserie points, Obermoser comes home 7th, winning the 2000 cc class.
1974: The year the first TOJ (Team Obermoser Jörg) appears. His first recordable result is an 8th place finish in the Trophee d'Auvergne driving his own TOJ-BMW SS02, followed by a 6th spot in Mugello. At the Avus Rennen (non-championship) on September 1st he again is out with his SS02 finishing in 5th spot, after being fastest in practice. Now he had a team mate: Peter Scharmann brings the other SS02 home in 3rd. Obermoser still finds the time to again drive in the DRM, this time in a BMW 2002TI. Winning in Mainz-Finthen and Hockenheim plus some more high point finishes brings him 2nd place in the championship. He also takes part in the 6 Hours Grosser Preis der Tourenwagen at the Ring, sharing with Dieter Basche ( exact result unknown - anybody?). At the end of the season he takes his SS02 to the final Interserie race at Hockenheim, but finishes a low 7th.
1975: Our British friends will maybe remember Obermoser because of his win in the non-championship " Britannica 2000 " race at Brands Hatch. This time he drove his new TOJ-BMW SC03. In the Interserie he achieves some class wins with this car, giving him 9th place in total and victory in the 2-litre class. Again he drives a 2002TI in the DRM, greatest success is winning the Nürnberg 200 Miles. At the end of the year he is 4th in the final standings.
1976: It's DRM again in the BMW, again finishing 4th in the championship, but without a chance of beating the Zakspeed Escorts. Some more outings in the Interserie with SS03 and SC301, winning in Mainz-Finthen and 8th spot in the Hockenheim Südwestpokal is good enough for class victory. This gives him 8th place in the final standings of the series.
1977: Obermoser takes to the sportscar world championship: Monza 500 KMs sees him finishing 12th with co-driver Kurt Hild in a now Ford-engined SC301. In a SC302 he comes home 2nd in Le Castellet sharing with Pierre-Francois Rousselot. His last season of DRM racing was his worst, only minor placings with the 320i make him 16th in the championship.
1978: Interserie only. 1st in Kassel-Calden with the SC302. In Wunstorf he is in the SC303, with which he wins the Nürburgring Trophy "round the pitlane" in late August (Super Sprint). 2nd place to Merzarios Alfa 3 litre in the Hockenheim season's final earns him second spot in the final championship order behind winning man Helmut Bross.