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David Purley, wearing my brother Luc's deerstalker

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DAVID PURLEY - LEC Cosworth, in pre-qualifying for the British GP 1977.
This was the session in which ex paratrooper Purley found his throttle jammed wide upen in top gear
as he tried to brake for Becketts corner during the mad rush to pre-qualify for the event.
The car ran straight into the barriers and stopped from an estimated 108 mph to zero in about 2 feet (the amount the car crumpled....)
Purley was grevously injured and his heart stopped several times before he reched hospital.
His legs were badly mangled and for some time he wasn't expected to live. But the man was made of stern stuff and not only recovered but raced again in F1 2 years later.
Having proved he could do it but racing in enormous pain from the injuries, he retired and took up stunt flying only to die in an air crash in the early 1980s.
His 1977 crash has a place in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the highest deceleration (in "g force") ever knwon to have been survived by a human being!

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