Peter Revson_1

Peter Revson,  posing with my brother Luc.

Educated at Cornell, Revson started racing with one of his classmates Timmy Mayer in Formula Junior, their Rev-Em Racing team being run by Mayer's brother Teddy. After graduating they decided to go to Europe to take part in Formula Junior races and in 1964 Revson had his first taste of Formula 1 running as a privateer in a Lotus-BRM under the wing of Reg Parnell Racing. The following year Timmy Mayer was killed racing in the Tasman series at Longford in Tasmania and although Revson won the Monaco Formula 3 Grand Prix later in the season he soon decided to go back to the United States where he built a solid reputation as a CanAm driver in the course of the next seven years. In 1972 he returned to the F1 scene as a regular member of the Yardley McLaren team - which was being run by Teddy Mayer - and in 1973 won both the British and Canadian Grands Prix, the former in most impressive style under difficult conditions. However, despite his success, Peter had a slightly strained relationship with Mayer and determined to prove himself away from McLaren, he signed to drive for the Shadow F1 team in 1974. He was killed testing in preparation for the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami when his car suffered a front suspension failure and crashed into a guard rail at high speed.