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PARIS, FEB 10 2006
Jacques Swaters, posing with Carlos Ghys

Swaters was a Ferrari privateer in the early 1950s. His best result was seventh place in the 1953 German Grand Prix in a Ferrari 500. He later became the Ferrari importer for Belgium. In sportscar racing he finished third in the ill-fated Le Mans 24 Hours in 1955 partnering fellow countryman Johnny Claes. In 1959 he was the force behind the establishment of the Ecurie Nationale Belge team which entered Belgian racing yellow F2 Cooper-Climax cars for a variety of drivers including Lucien Bianchi, Olivier Gendebien, Andre Pilette, Andre Milhoux and Alain de Chagny in 1959. The team continued the following season with Paul Frere and Mauro Bianchi (Lucien's brother) also being seen in the cars and for 1961 the team moved into Grand Prix racing, acquiring a pair of Emeryson-Maseratis. The team later switched to Lotus 18s and for 1962 reworked the Emeryson chassis and renamed them ENBs. They were not a success and the team faded away at the end of that season.

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