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Jo Vonlanthen, former Williams GP driver,  talking to Carlos Ghys

Joseph Vonlanthen (b. May 31, 1942 in St. Ursen) is a former Formula One driver from Switzerland. He participated in only one World Championship Grand Prix, on August 17, 1975, driving a Williams. He retired with engine failure, scoring no championship points. Vonlanthen started in Formula Vee, before progressing to Formula 3, where he won the Swiss Championship. He found things a little tougher in Formula 2, but managed to secure a seat with Ensign for a non-Championship Formula One race in 1975. He then drove twice for Frank Williams, firstly in the non-championship Swiss Grand Prix, where he finished 14th, then his one World Championship start in the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix. Vonlanthen can be considered lucky to have started this race, as he was only allowed to start when Wilson Fittipaldi suffered an injury in practice which prevented him from taking his place on the grid. He subsequently returned to Formula 2 before disappearing from the sport's higher levels.

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Jo Vonlanthen, driving a Ferrari 500 during the 2006 Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring