Carlos Reutemann corners 'La Rascasse' hairpin during the 1979 Monaco GP

Carlos Reutemann corners 'La Rascasse' hairpin
in front of eventual winner Jody Scheckter

watercolour 44 x 33 cm

Argentinean flag

Carlos Reutemann portrait photo He was a perfectionist above all else. Enigmatic, serious and committed, Carlos Reutemann’s personality was a baffling tangle of contradictions for much of his career. One day his brilliance would shine like a beacon and you were convinced he was the best driver of his era. The next weekend he would put in a pathetic performance, in no way worthy of his acknowledged status. He never managed to string together a successful title onslaught, but he was definitely serious championship material. His successful formative years in F1 were spent with the Brabham team, but when Bernie Ecclestone switched to Alfa power, Carlos moved on to Ferrari where 1977 team-mate Lauda and Andretti in 1978 both threw the title beyond his reach. In 1979 he switched to Lotus, but, again it was the wrong decision. He raced on into the 1980s before giving it all up. Today he admits he retired too soon. A civilised and charming man, Carlos Reutemann basically failed to do justice to his own superb talent. But who can explain precisely why?

(Source: Autocourse - The Grand Prix Drivers)