Jackie Stewart, composition with portrait, Tyrrell-Ford and original autograph

Composition with portrait, Tyrrell-Ford and original autograph

Early painting
watercolour 30 x 21 cm

UK flag

Jackie Stewart portrait photo Jackie Stewart won three world titles in five years, before retiring in 1973 at the age of just 34. Had he carried on until 40, he might have put all the records beyond reach. But the Scot had seen too many friends die in racing accidents. No other driver, not even Fangio, has stepped out at the very peak of his game – and stuck to his decision. The younger brother of accomplished driver Jimmy, Jackie burst out of club racing in 1964, when he dominated British F3. He joined the BRM F1 team in 1965 and was soon a winner. However, he found real success only after rejoining his former F3 boss Ken Tyrrell. Their legendary partnership, first with Matra and later Ken’s own cars, was to prove the dominant force of the era. Just a few races into 1973, Jackie told Tyrrell that he was planning to retire. It was a well-kept secret and he didn’t even tell his wife, Helen, so that she wouldn’t spend the year ticking off the days. At Monza, Jackie secured his third title with a brilliant drive from last place to fourth after suffering a puncture. The first ultra-professional driver, in manner as well as payment, his subsequent business career has almost overshadowed his many achievements on the track. After more than two decades as a media pundit and corporate spokesman, he formed his own F1 team with son Paul in 1997, before selling it on to Ford two years later. Source: Autosport magazine

(Source: Autosport magazine)