Ford B 174

South of France 2007
My sister Kristien Ghys with her husband Philippe Colin and son Félix.

Kristien 644

December 2005
Kristien with her son Félix.

Kristien 641

Carlos and his sister Kristien.

Ford B 195

1932 FORD B
Philippe works at SABENA-Technics in Brussels and likes to restaure classic cars.

Ford B 196

1932 FORD B
Félix in the «mother-in-law» chair

Ford B 197

Going for a ride in the hilly countryside. Philippe at the wheel with Mathias at his right.
Carlos and Marie-Jeanne behind…

Ford B 1081

A drive in the countryside...

Ford B 312

GARAGE with Ford memorabilia

Ford B 314

1932 FORD B
Front brake

Ford B 313

Philippe meticulously restaurs a second Old Timer. A time-consuming hobby…

Ford B 845

Ford B 848 Ford B 849

Ford B 846

Ford B 850 Ford B 851

Ford B 847