Luc Ghys 157

On this very day, my brother Luc was born…
The worst crash in motor racing history occurred during the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans when a racing car involved in an accident flew into the crowd of spectators, killing the driver and over 80 spectators.

81 people have been killed and 77 others injured when two cars collided on the race track and crashed into the spectators' stand at Le Mans in north-west France.
The Mercedes-Benz being driven by Pierre Levegh hit the bank by the grandstand and immediately exploded. Parts of the wreckage were blown into the enclosure, killing scores of mostly-French spectators.
The accident happened about two hours after the 24-hour race began at the Le Mans circuit. There was no official announcement of the disaster and the race was allowed to continue.
Pierre Levegh was speeding down the straight in front of the pits when he clipped the Austin-Healey driven by British driver Lance Macklin.
The Mercedes, which was travelling at over 150mph (240khm), flipped over and flew through the air and hit the bank by the spectator enclosure.
Levegh was killed outright. Macklin's car spun wildly before coming to rest in the middle of the track, but he was unhurt.
The race had promised to be one of the fastest and most keenly contested ever held at Le Mans.
The three teams competing were Ferrari, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. Shortly after the crash the Mercedes manager instructed the two remaining Mercedes to withdraw from the race as a mark of respect to those killed in the disaster.
It was several hours before spectators on the far side of the track knew of the crash. The first sign something was wrong was when the Mercedes team pulled out.

Luc Ghys 158

The mangaled remains of Pierre Levegh´s Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

Luc Ghys 159

Luc as a SABENA steward with two female colleagues

Luc Ghys 160

SABENA Boeing 737

Luc Ghys 161

During a night stop in Paris, Luc had the opportunity to visit the cockpit of an Air France Concorde

Luc Ghys 162

Flight from Anchorage (Alaska) to Tokyo.
New pilot rank? Luc wears both shoulder epaulettes of Captain and First Pilot for a joke.
The picture is signed by Niki Lauda.

Luc Ghys 163

Manila - Fillipines

Luc Ghys 164

Cockpit CITY BIRD Boeing 767

Luc Ghys 376

CITY BIRD Boeing 767
OO-CTQ at Brussels in final for runway 25L coming from Ciego de Avila (Cuba)

Luc Ghys 165

City Bird desk

Luc Ghys 166

City Bird sponsored Lamborghini

Luc Ghys 167

Commercial invoicing of charter operations

Luc Ghys 168

Sabine and Luc married in Las Vegas 1986

Luc Ghys 577

2008 GOODWOOD Festical of Speed
Luc in his element...

Luc Ghys 578

2008 GOODWOOD Festical of Speed
Carlos and Luc, members of the Mexican Scuderia Rodriguez, posing next to the famous Gulf-Porsche 917

Luc Ghys 583

2008 GOODWOOD Festical of Speed
Luc and Carlos Ghys, brothers in arms