"I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush."

Graham Hill

Ayrton Senna posing with helmet-1991 Jo Siffert and Hans Herrmann (Porsche 917) during the 1971 24 hours race at Le Mans Gilles Villeneuve posing with helmet-1981 close portrait of Ayrton Senna Ignazio Giunti, a composition of cars and portraits Pedro Rodriguez, composition of portrait, Yardley-BRM and autograph Ayrton Senna, Imola May 1st 1994... Jackie Stewart, composition of portrait, Tyrrell and autograph unfinished portrait of Denny Hulme Rodriguez and Siffert cornering the 'La Source' hairpin at Spa during the 1971 1000 km race Jacques Villeneuve concentrates in his box on board his Williams F1 Joseph Siffert, a composition of portrait, BRM and autograph Pedro Rodriguez in the rain at the wheel of his Cooper-Maserati close portrait of Alberto Ascari wearing his helmet close portrait of François Cevert wearing his helmet close portrait of Juan Manuel Fangio wearing his helmet Carlos Reutemann cornering Casino square during the 1977 Monaco GP Nigel Mansell cornering the Loews hairpin during the 1992 Monaco GP Jackie Stewart chases Jim Clark through the 'Curva Parabolica' during the 1965 Italian GP at Monza close portrait of Jim Clark wearing his helmet Niki Lauda on his way to his first victory in the 1974 Spanish GP at Jarama Carlos Reutemann sweeps his Lotus 79 through the 'Rascasse'corner during the 1979 Monaco GP Gilles Villeneuve tries his hardest on a wet Zolder circuit during qualification for the 1980 Belgian GP Porsche 917 LH (Elford-Larrousse) 1971 LM 24 Hrs